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Founded in the spring of 2012 in the Philosophy Department of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, Philologoi is a student-run scholarly journal deeply rooted in the history of philosophy and open to Western, Eastern, and comparative thought.  Our mission is to provide an engaging and reflective forum for showcasing exceptional scholarship from undergraduates world-wide, particularly that which explores the idea of philosophy as a way of life.

Our name is taken directly from Philologoi, the weekly discussion group for students and faculty who gather together every Friday morning at Belmont for friendly and open, intense and lively discussion of a diverse range of philosophical questions, and etymologically from the ancient Greek Φιλόλογος, which means “students, scholars,” born from the conjunction of philos [a friend] and logos [word, reason, idea].  Philologoi are those students and scholars who love philosophical discourse.

Philologoi are “fond of words, i.e., talkative,

argumentative, learned, philological.”

—Strong’s Greek Concordance.

It was said of Socrates, that he was a philologus—one fond of words,

talkative, keen of speaking (Phaedrus 236e).  According to Aristotle,

it is one who is fond of dialectic or of philosophical argument,

a lover of learning and literature, or one who is literary (Rhetoric 1398b14). 

For Zeno, the philologoi are lovers of reason;

they are students and scholars, learned in conversation,

and studious of words (Stoic.1.67).

—Liddell Lexicon.


We currently publish one issue per academic year.

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  Volume One, autumn 2012.

   Volume Two, autumn 2013.

   Volume Three, autumn 2014.

   Volume Four, to be released autumn 2015.


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Philologoi: The Belmont University

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