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Philologoi is a student-run scholarly journal deeply rooted in the history of philosophy. Since its foundation in 2012, its mission has been to provide an engaging and reflective forum for exceptional work from undergraduates world-wide, particularly work which explores the idea of philosophy as a way of life.

From the Ancient Greek, “Philologoi" conjoins 'philos'—friend, companionable love—and 'logos'—word, reason, idea—and carries these rich connotations into its specific denotation of students, scholars. Canonically, Philologoi are those who are “fond of words, i.e., talkative, argumentative, learned, philological,” who love philosophical discourse (Strong’s Greek Concordance). 

Under new faculty management, after a year long hiatus complicated by covid-19, we are now accepting submissions for our next edition, for which we are anticipating publication near the end of 2021.




Every Friday at 10 a.m. during the school year, an eclectic mix of intellectually curious students, alumni, faculty, and friends gather in a classroom, bringing coffee and tea to accompany some fruit and the occasional pastry; we circle around, listen to the week's question proffered by a volunteering student, and dive in to an hour of rich, friendly conversation and intense, passionate discussion frequently punctuated with laughter. 


Our Friday morning Philologoi discussions serve as a cornerstone for our active philosophical community, a symbol of what makes our department special, markedly notable to our visitors, most memorable for our alumni.  For these reasons, as tribute to our Philologoi discussions, our journal bears the name Philologoi.


any questions may be submitted to:



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